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Every one of us was affected in some way by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The American Dream Project was my personal response to the events of that day.

I was at work when I first heard that an airplane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I was sitting at my desk in front of my computer, just as many of those in the twin towers were probably doing that early September morning.

They had no idea that it was going to be their last day on earth and that their dreams and ambitions would never be realized.

Up to that moment in my life, many of my dreams were on hold. I was waiting for the right time, waiting to make enough money, waiting for everything to become perfectly aligned so that I could go ahead and start living my dreams. After 9/11 I realized on a much deeper level than before, that like those 3000 souls who perished, I too have no idea when death will come knocking on my door.

I was a photographer who wan't photographing. I had been driving past the American Dream Diner on Herr street in Harrisburg for two years on my way to work and often thought about stopping to photograph it, but didn't. So on September 29, 2001, I picked up my camera and started a 365 day photographic journey through the streets of Harrisburg.

I don't plan on ever turning back.

Whatever your American Dream may be, the time to live that American Dream is right now.

Tom Reider

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